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“You are the CEO of your life” author unknown

Have you ever thought about making a change in your life or dreamed of living out a deep rooted passion? Do you worry how other people might react or how it will affect them if you were to make the necessary changes?

If you stop worrying about what others think and put your thoughts and heart first the right choice(s), people and situations will always present themselves.

Michelle LaGreca is a former registered nurse (recently retired), hypnotist, master hypnotist, and clinical hypnotherapist  based in a rural setting 20 minutes east of Saskatoon, SK.

Michelle offers personal therapy sessions, group progressive relaxation, seminars and workshops.

Michelle’s predilection is to use hypnotherapy for the tremendous calming effect of the mind and body. Hypnotherapy allows one to imagine and envision the life they see for themselves, to replace ‘old’ agreements or habits with ‘fresh’, ‘positive’ beliefs. Her goal is to promote the holistic benefits of hypnotherapy and help individuals discover the mind, body connection in order to live the life they’ve always imagined.