About Michelle

Michelle LaGreca has been a Registered Nurse since 1994, she recently retired from nursing this past year. The bulk of her nursing career has been in management, corporate training, instructing, community nursing and wellness. Michelle has the utmost respect for Western medicine, but has always been drawn to Eastern philosophy, medicine and alternative health practices. She is a practitioner of Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, is an Intuitive Coach and took EAL (equine assisted leadership) with Chris Irwin. She completed Leadership Saskatoon’s 10 month development course in 2012-2013 and is a member of their alumni.  Michelle believes in life long learning and loves to share any knowledge she has gained. She also believes that in order to have superior health and overall wellness one needs to find equilibrium between Western and Eastern practices.

To provide some background in July of 2009 Michelle’s father passed away from cancer. During his years with cancer Michelle observed how her father dealt with each and every step of his very difficult journey. She was captivated by his ability to take things one day at a time and to simply ‘be’ in the moment no matter what the day had in store for him. Whatever he was doing he would give his time and energy to and did so with grace and focus. It didn’t matter if it was cooking a beautiful meal or fixing a rundown fence.

Michelle believes that because he was so ‘focused’ and in the moment while performing medial tasks he was in fact in a state of natural hypnosis. For that reason not only did he require very minimal pain management, but he was joyful with life right up to the moment of his passing. Her father’s story inspired her to learn more about the mind, body connection and motivated her to go back to school.

Michelle went to school for hypnotic arts at Coastal Academy in Vancouver, BC in 2010 and received diplomas in basic hypnotism, master hypnotism and clinical hypnotherapy. She is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and a member of the IMDHA (International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association).

Michelle discovered during her training that meditation, self-hypnosis, creative visualization, guided imagery, focused prayer are basically synonymous they all involve focused intent.

Michelle reports she tried for years to learn how to meditate, she purchased several CD’s, but every time she was told to clear her mind, her mind would chatter even more. She found the process extremely discouraging and frustrating.

Until she discovered ‘hypnotherapy’ she was never able to reach that beautiful state of tranquility. Michelle acknowledges that once that state has been experienced it’s impossible to turn back, the benefits are simply too significant.

Michelle is now able to merge her years of learning and talents in to one dynamic practice and looks forward to providing professional, confidential services for those seeking change and empowerment.