Separation is a figment of the ‘I’magination

I recently had an emotional experience which became a wakeup call or reminder if you will.   However the only way I can tell you this story is to first discuss the conscious mind. We are all too familiar with our conscious mind it rarely ever shuts up or gives us a moment of silence.  It’s a hamster in a wheel going around and around with inane thoughts, creating mental fatigue for people.  It’s the Tylenol cold commercial where the lady is lying in bed asking herself ‘….maybe the hokey pokey really is what it’s all it’s about’. At birth a … Continue reading

The Valley of Shadows

When I worked with dementia patients years ago it was sad to see how individual’s personalities changed as their dementia progressed and for their loved ones the changes could be quite shocking.  Perhaps the religious minister who lived a life preaching kindness all of a sudden started to swear and become unruly, the prudish matriarch was now talking about sex all the time, or the rich philanthropist would start accusing people of stealing his money.  As soon as the filter had become damaged with no ability to control, it was surprising what would come from the deep recesses of the … Continue reading

One Step At A Time

One of the areas I find the most perplexing as a clinical hypnotherapist is ‘weight loss’ and finding the correct set of suggestions that will make the greatest contribution to the person. I often ponder if there is a recipe for success and if so what is it?  I suppose if I knew the answer I would be a very rich woman.   Weight loss is challenging because individuals can have years and years of defective and damaging programming that has been hammered in to their mind from all directions.   They come to me with the hope and expectation that I … Continue reading

What Hypnosis Really Is

There are a lot of misconceptions about what ‘hypnosis’ really is.  Often people think that to be hypnotized means allowing the hypnotist to use mind control, however this is in fact incorrect.  A lot of this misinformation comes from 100+ years ago when individuals were superstitious and afraid of the unknown, afraid of being ‘mesmerized’ by another, afraid of being offered ‘suggestions’.  A persons mind will never accept any thought that it isn’t in agreement with.  During hypnosis a person is always in control, if they choose to open their eyes and walk out they can, that is the truth.  … Continue reading

Dance if you feel inclined to

    As a general rule it is not other people that hurt us as much as we hurt ourselves within the depths of our own minds.  People will berate themselves internally, telling themselves they aren’t smart enough, strong enough, intelligent enough, talented enough, good enough, slim enough…simply not enough in some form or another.   Along the way individuals have agreed to believe certain concepts about themselves, through comparisons to others or agreements they’ve made about the right way or wrong way of being and it is lived out in their external world.  What we feel internally we extend externally. … Continue reading

Teach only Love

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.’   Ralph Waldo Emerson I would like to discuss the concept of rejection and communicate a different view if I may. In my practice I meet individuals who have gone through difficult break-ups/ divorce, been terminated from jobs or have difficulty finding gainful employment, have experienced the loss of close friendships, sons not speaking to fathers, families suing one another,  all forms of what society terms rejection. Everyone has experienced rejection on some level or has been involved in the rejection of … Continue reading

The Garden

The question to ask yourself is ‘what is in my heart?’ Proverbs 23:7 – ‘As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.’ Do you look at others and judge their appearance or choices? Knowing best how they should live their lives based on how you perceive the world? Or do you recognize that each person experiences and lives out their own unique journey? Do you look for opportunities to be offended or annoyed? Or are you flexible and open to other ways? Do you spend your time discussing other people, criticizing and gossiping? Or do you focus your … Continue reading

The Journey of Life

Many people believe that they know others, their character, their motivation(s), their story. They believe they can read a person or deduce who a person is and what they have done in their lives just by looking at them or talking with them. But we can never truly know someone and all the pieces, people and situations that occurred to form that persons egoic view of themselves and the outer world. There are just too many variables and choices to sift through and comprehend. We can try and assume we know someone based on our own ego’s view of the … Continue reading

Blessed Are the Flexible

My favorite quote is “blessed are the flexible for they shall never be bent out of shape” anon.  I have it hanging outside on my porch so I can read it every day. Flexibility is the ability to be open to change, to diversity and to new perspectives in life. Many individuals spend a lot of effort and energy defending their positions, their opinions, beliefs, values, and significance and in doing so essentially close the door to growth and expansion.  A lot of pain and heartache is created within our own minds and bodies when we believe we are ‘right’ and … Continue reading

Recipe for success

Most people I see in my practice have contemplated change for a long time; contemplation is an integral part of the process, but more steps are required in order to be successful. Contemplation helps individuals identify contrast, what they like or don’t like, the pros and cons of changing, their level of conviction, and a gathering of knowledge. For example, at this point in the process the client may call to book an appointment to ‘quit smoking’. The first question I will ask them is ‘do you really want to quit smoking?’ it’s a valid question. If they aren’t sure … Continue reading

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