Blessed Are the Flexible

My favorite quote is “blessed are the flexible for they shall never be bent out of shape” anon.  I have it hanging outside on my porch so I can read it every day. Flexibility is the ability to be open to change, to diversity and to new perspectives in life.

Many individuals spend a lot of effort and energy defending their positions, their opinions, beliefs, values, and significance and in doing so essentially close the door to growth and expansion.  A lot of pain and heartache is created within our own minds and bodies when we believe we are ‘right’ and the other person(s) are ‘wrong’ and feel its necessary to preserve our view at all costs.  This usually involves defense tactics, fighting, hostility, struggle; it’s not an easy path by any means.

Defensiveness/fighting are examples of fear based emotions that drain our life force.  Emotions are like beacons they remind us if we are moving towards or away from enlightenment.   Our true nature is one of love which encompasses gentleness, compassion, kindness, integrity, peace and joy.  If we are feeling hatred, anger, envy, jealousy, righteousness, or any other lower emotion that doesn’t feel innately good we know that our thoughts, our energy is not in resonance with our spirits.

The interesting part in life is that when we hold really strong opinions or fixed ideologies about something the universe will often meet us with a direct challenge of our viewpoint, urging us towards growth. For example a person may be homophobic and strongly against gay rights and find out later that their son or daughter is in fact homosexual.  This compels the individual to re-visit their point of view and possibly change their thoughts, actions and conduct with regards to their original position.

I am not saying we always have to agree with another person’s point of view, we all see the world differently based on experiences and personal preferences.  And really who’s to decide which person, group or way of being is more correct then the other?  Isn’t that what war is all about, the need to defend personal or group importance?

What I am saying is be open to flexibility, open to possibilities, open to listening to other points of view, open to going with the flow, open to new ways of doing things, open and willing to change if it feels better in your heart to do so.   Trust your emotions to guide you towards what feels right for you, what energizes you or brings more joy and peace in your life.

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