The Journey of Life

Many people believe that they know others, their character, their motivation(s), their story. They believe they can read a person or deduce who a person is and what they have done in their lives just by looking at them or talking with them.

But we can never truly know someone and all the pieces, people and situations that occurred to form that persons egoic view of themselves and the outer world. There are just too many variables and choices to sift through and comprehend.

We can try and assume we know someone based on our own ego’s view of the world, but that again is only our view, our perceptions and what we’ve encountered in this lifetime. So the task is an impossible one. To judge another from the egos perspective is arrogant and unnecessary.

The only thing we can truly know with certainty is a persons spirit or essence, which is love. We are all generated from the same material, yet somehow have convinced ourselves that we are different. That is the illusion.

We were given free will to create lives and experience(s) that help us expand. The medley of different choices we have is exciting, creative and colourful.

We are all artisans crafting a unique experience our only differences being how we choose to fashion our vision of the world.

If we could focus our knowing and understanding from the perspective of the soul and it’s creative energy just imagine what our world would be like. Just imagine how we would view others on this magnificent journey we call life.

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