Client Testimonials

Below are some testimonials from recent clients who made use of our services.

“My son and I are so grateful for what Michelle was able to do for him. My son is on the autistic spectrum and had not been fully toilet trained even at age 11. We tried all the recommended actions and even worked with a medical specialist. Finally, I turned to Michelle out of desperation. Michelle helped my son listen more closely to the signals from his body. After 2 sessions, there was complete success. Now, after more than a year, we have not had any problems. Thank you Michelle, you helped reduce the stress in our family.”

                                                            Desseri Saskatoon area, SK

“Michelle made me feel comfortable and safe so that I could experience the best results from our sessions. She genuinely wanted to hear about my results and any further struggles I might experience. Her technique and personal, individualized scripts are outstanding. Thank you!”

Sheryl Saskatoon, SK

“All I can say is that Michelle you have helped me very much. I feel like a new person and can lead a normal life. I would have never thought that hypnosis was that powerful but I stand corrected. Thank you for your compassion, understanding and gift.”

Mathew Saskatoon, SK

“Hypnotherapy is so relaxing. Michelle has the perfect voice, I literally felt myself just ‘let go’. I cannot stress enough what an incredible experience hypnotherapy is. I suffered from terrible insomnia and was up looking at the clock just about every hour. Now I picture myself walking down the stairs in to my beautiful garden, serenity all around me, it’s magical, peaceful all my worries disappear.”

Margaret Saskatoon, SK


“I was sexually molested as a child and suffered from panic attacks, intrusive thoughts and depression.  I pushed away from relationships because of fear of intimacy.  Michelle helped me take my power back, to reframe what occurred and protect and save my inner child.  It was life altering to say the least.  Thank you Michelle!”

                                                            Mavis Saskatoon area, SK